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International Quilt Market

This past weekend was Market. I am exhausted, but oh so inspired! If you’ve never heard of Market, it’s a gigantic trade show where you get to see all the new fabric lines (mostly for next spring), the latest gadgets, lots of new patterns, and all the different machines. This year there were 27 rows worth of vendors who all worked very hard to bring their very best.

This is just a few rows.

We started off the first day just as the doors opened. Our first year we wandered around rather aimlessly and were completely overwhelmed. This year, we had a plan! We started in the 2700 row and worked our way to our first appointment. You know how you flip through a catalog quickly, not really reading any of the descriptions, just looking at pictures? That’s rather how we started. Just breezing by. We did make note of places that we wanted to make sure to go back and talk (code for: buy things). Our appointments, and lunch, came and went. I think we spent all of 15 minutes sitting and eating. The rest of the day was go, Go, GO!

The Anthology Fabrics booth was stunning.

I think I dragged Mom through the last three aisles. I was ready to find calories and a hot tub by the time we left at 5:30. My little step counter said we did about 4 miles on the first day of the show. We did swing through the quilt exhibit on our way back to our hotel. The sheer amount of talent in one room is just staggering.

A tiny portion of the quilts.

Sunday I slowed down the pace and let Mom actually stop and talk. (I did some talking too, but I’ve got a bad cold and one large frog in my throat). We found some really cool lights this year. One is a rechargeable stick on machine light. It eliminates a cord you have to plug in all the time and is super bright. The other was a 104 LED light for Featherweight machines. Talk about SUPER bright! It doesn’t get hot either, which is a big plus if you happen to lean in and bump the cover with your forehead, like I do. Those will be showing up on our website for purchase in a few days (along with all the other loot we brought back with us). You’ll have to keep an eye out.

Poor Joey only has one eye to watch with.

We also got to stop and talk with new fabric distributors who we haven’t worked with in the past. We’ve had a few Kanvas bolts in the shop, but in general, not many. They have some really fun things. Their booth won first place.

You can see why.

We also talked with quite a few pattern designers and Mom tested all the machines. We found a relatively new brand, Eclipse. They’re an entry level longarm that you can put on several different frames . There’s a 10 ft free motion machine, a standup/sit down, and a sit down. The first and last are fairly self explanatory, but the standup/sit down may need a little more description. It uses the same base as the sit down table and you can put the machine on the table to use it in the sit down version or you can use the custom float table as a standup free motion. The advantage to this, besides a reduction in cost, is that it doesn’t take up nearly as much space as a traditional longarm. The fun news here is that we’re going to become dealers! I need to figure out Hermione’s extension charm (Harry Potter Reference) to put it on the shop so we can fit all the new fun things. We’ll have the 10 ft table (adjusted down to 5 ft) and a sit down model so you can demo them both. The machine is fully made in the US and the company is based out in Utah. Eventually, we’ll have an info section on our website, but for now you can find all the info on the manufacturer’s site here.


Part of the pile of information we brought back!


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